SWOT MBA | Analysis for CAT, XAT, NMAT, IIFT & other MBA Exams | Alchemist

A series of 10 adaptive tests of 10 minutes each. A competency assessment for CAT Sections - Quantitative , Verbal and DLIR.This includes 10 short test topicwise. A final report card is generated after the completion of all the ten tests, which highlights the competency in various topics.

  1. Aptitute Test across all topics of Aptitute test
  2. Test covers 10 Topics across sections of Quant , Verbal & DILR e.g. like Algebra , Arithmetic , Readng Comprehension , Logical Reasoning
  3. 10 Sections of 10 mins each
  4. Scores wil reflect Strength , Weakness , Opportunity & Threat across all topics