Personalised learning with unlimited classes, from Alchemist.
It gets real results!

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What is Personalised Learning?

It is our proven teaching methodology where we structure the preperation flow to your needs.

Because we know that each student is different.

why is it important?
There is evidence that students who take special programs to improve their reading and/or their study and learning methods tend to learn more effectively...
- The Search For Methods Of Group Instruction As Effective As One-on-one Tutoring.

Benjamin S. Bloom
Educational Researcher
Research shows that students learn best when their education is targeted and tailored to them.
- How Personalized Learning Unlocks Student Success.

By Nazeema Alli, Rahim Rajan, and Greg Ratliff

How does it work for you?

At Alchemist, you don't blindly chase a syllabus, but work to a plan. A Personalised Learning Plan, designed just for you.

So that you can make sure and steady improvements in areas critical to you.

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Why do you need unlimited classes?

So that you master each topic before moving on.

What we offer is not a course, but a program designed to help you improve and succeed.

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COMPETENCY BASED PROGRESSION: In this strategy, each student’s progress toward clearly defined goals is continually assessed, and assessment occurs "on demand" when a student is ready to demonstrate competency...
- Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalised Learning

Research by Rand Corporation
Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
There were also attitudinal and other affective differences in students related to these achievement differences.

These included positive academic self-concept, greater interest in the subject, and greater desire to learn more ...
- The Search For Methods Of Group Instruction As Effective As One-on-one Tutoring.'

Benjamin S. BloomEducational Researcher

What do we mean by real results?

When you have not just covered a syllabus, but when you know that you have overcome your weaknesses and that you are now ready to compete.

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Ready to prepare for success with us?

- An industry leading Learning Program designed to improve your performance -
- A successful delivery platform driven by properietory technology -
- A proven teaching methodology backed by research -
- A choice of learning environments -
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20+ years of proven track record
Best in class faculty
3 times awarded institute
Mentoring by IIM alumni
A venture founded by IIT, IIM alumni
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