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Why Coaching is Important for CAT Exam?

Common Admission Test (CAT), apart from being the gateway to coveted Indian Institute of Management (IIM), it is also one of the toughest, most prestigious and widely accepted written entrance exam for admission to top B-schools in India. The first obvious thought that hits an MBA aspirant is to clear CAT exam in 1st Attempt. Just appearing in CAT exam does not guarantee you a seat in good B-school, you need high percentile to reach the next round of selection procedure.

Cracking this exam requires a well-planned approach with good time management. So as you begin your preparation, your immediate concerns must be how to start and when and where to start from? Being a tough and highly competitive exam which witness around 2 lakh aspirants appearing for the exam each year, expert guidance becomes a must and that you can get from best CAT coaching. 

Here are some more reasons why coaching is important for the CAT exam. 

Acquaintance with Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Expert Guidance to get the Skills necessary for clearing CAT at 1st Attempt. If you are appearing for CAT for the first time, expert guidance will help you figure out the preparation course structure and skills you will definitely need to crack CAT. CAT coaching classes guide you on what to study and what strategy to follow. Institutes like Alchemist will test your SWOT before starting your preparation and score you consistently on 3 most important skills needed for cracking CAT- CONCEPT, QUESTION CHOICE & SPEED. Expert guidance will ensure you complete the relevant topics and ace the skills, which is not possible in self-study for CAT. 


Your Time is Very Important

Wise people say Time is Money. CAT is among the toughest entrance exams for Management Studies. Many students miss out on clearing the exam at the first attempt due to lack of preparation. Anyone serious about cracking CAT at the 1st attempt must take all possible help and a structured program to significantly increase the chances of clearing CAT in 1st attempt. 

Doubt Clarification

A very important aspect while CAT preparation is going to be self study and completion of exercise and test assigned. Considering the toughness of course you are bound to have doubts and would seek clarification of doubts often. Not getting doubts cleared on time would result in low confidence and loss of interest in the given subject. With a good coaching institute, timely doubt clarification sessions make sure the concepts of the aspirant are sound. Alchemist holds daily doubt sessions for its students so they don’t lose confidence and continue with their preparation unhindered.  


When you join a CAT coaching institute, it gives structure to your preparation. The entire syllabus commences in a systematic manner, various mock exams are conducted, and you are given strategies to complete the exam on time. Conducting regular exams discipline you in the way CAT is conducted.  


Peer Interaction and Competition

One learns the maximum from his/her peers. When you join a coaching center you will find a real competitive atmosphere that will ensure that you stay motivated towards your goal. You’ll find people from diverse academic backgrounds studying together for the same goal and in the very process helping and motivating each other. There will always be someone in the class who would come out with really good doubts or someone who would have tried a smarter and shorter approach to solve a problem. These small learning’s in the classes go a long way and give wings to your CAT preparation time.


These are a few reasons why coaching is important for the CAT exam. If you are looking for the top CAT coaching institute, then Alchemist is the Best CAT Coaching Institute to join. Our faculty and Personalized Training Program offer all that a student would need to clear CAT in the 1st Attempt.