1. What is the modular structure? And how does it benefit me?

The complete syllabus of CAT is divided into 13 different independent modules which cover all the required topics from the following sections:

  1.  Quantitative Ability
  2.  Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning
  3.  Verbal Ability

Similarly, syllabus of GMAT is divided into 9 different modules covering topics from the following sections:

  1.  Quantitative Ability
  2.  Verbal Ability
  3.  Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency

As the modules are not interdependent, one need not take these modules in a specific sequence. Thus, anyone can build a personalized time table suiting one’s schedule and at the same time reap maximum benefit.

2. How is GMAT preparation different from CAT preparation?

The skills required for both GMAT and CAT are very similar. The exams, however, do differ in their formats and thus the method of preparation would differ a little too. GMAT is an adaptive test. Adaptive tests adapt to the examinee’s ability level. Besides testing a candidate’s analytical reasoning, quantitative and verbal skills, it also tests the candidate’s writing skill through Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA).

3. Will I be able to prepare for exams like XAT, SNAP etc other than CAT?

Yes. All MBA entrance exams are in essence aptitude tests including CAT. However, you might have to prepare specially for certain extra sections such as General Knowledge and Essay Writing for exams like XAT, SNAP and IIFT.

4. I believe I need coaching only for a few specific topics. Can I structure my study schedule around those?

Yes, you can pick.

5. I think my concepts are clear but my speed is slow. How can I improve my speed?

Speed plays a very vital role in any MBA entrance exam. Alchemist provides Speed Testing tests for individual topics. Through this, one not only improves questions solving speed but also gets to practice a large variety of questions.

6. Can I choose my own faculty?


7. Can I attend the same topic with different faculty members?

Yes. One can attend the same topic from different faculty members.

8. Can I repeat a topic?

One can repeat the same topic multiple times.

9. What if I am not able to keep up in classes and do not understand?

A student has two options in such a situation:

  1. Repeat the same module multiple times till the time he/she is confident enough.
  2. Go for Basic level modules and study a concept from the scratch

 10. Can I change my timings and center?

The timings and the center is chosen by the student as per his/her convenience.

11. What is the class strength at Alchemist?

The class strength is limited to 25 students.

12. I am a working professional / I work in shifts.

The modular system at Alchemist allows the student to do the bookings as per his/her availability and free timings. Classes run from 10 AM in the morning till 7 PM in the evening in 2 hours slots. One can book the most convenient time slot.

13. Will I get to know which colleges to apply and when?

The student will be duly notified of the registration start and end date for college and exam applications.

14. How much time do I need to prepare for CAT?

Take a free SWOT test and find out your strengths and weaknesses. This test is apt for all CAT aspirants. To take the test click here

 15. When is the right time to start preparing for CAT?

Preparation time for CAT may vary from student to student. The first step for preparation for any exam requires to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses. At Alchemist, we have designed a 90 minute diagnostic test at the end of which a customized SWOT analysis will be given. This will give the student section-wise break-up of time one needs to spend on preparation depending on the current aptitude level. One can begin the preparation accordingly. Please click here to take the diagnostic test.

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