• 1) When is the right time to join?
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  • 2) What is the class size?
  • The class size strength is not more than 25 students.
  • 3) I am weak in a particular area?
  • Not to worry, you can choose the more number of modules of that particular topic in your course structure.
  • 4) I am working and have long office hours?
  • You can take up the online content program, wherein you will be provided with classroom lectures’ videos, PDF files, E-books, discussion forums and online exercise sheets to help your learning.
  • 5) I work in shifts?
  • You can make your own bookings and choose your own timetable as per your availability and free timings. To book your timetable click here.
  • 6) What if I do not understand?
  • You can repeat a class for any topic, if you do not understand any module. You can even take a basic level class for a module even if you are enrolled in for an advance level course.
  • 7) Can I repeat a topic?
  • Yes, you can keep on repeating a topic, till the time you do not understand it.
  • 8) Can I change my timings and centre?
  • Yes, you can change the timings and the center as per your own convenience and reach. You can do so while making bookings in you r timetable.
  • 9) What has been your success rate?
  • 10) Can I attend the same topic with different faculty members?
  • Yes, you can attend the same topic with different faculty members.
  • 11) Can I choose my own faculty?
  • Yes, you can choose your own faculty member, whenever you feel the need.
  • 12) I just need to do some topics?
  • Yes, you can choose your own topics from the bifurcated 18 set modules of the course.
  • 13) What is adaptive learning?
  • It is a program established to upgrade your current level of knowledge, to the next level. The learner is provided with sufficiently challenging tasks of plus one level in order to relatively upgrade your mental capability and capacity.
  • 14) I think my concepts are clear but my speed is slow?
  • 15) How can I improve my speed?
  • 16) How will I get to know what colleges to apply and when?
  • 17) Will I be able to preapre for exams like XAT, SNAP etc other than CAT.?
  • 18) How is GMAT different from CAT?
  • 19) What is modular structure? How does it benefit me?
  • The complete course is divided into 18 different modules which cover all the required topics from Data Interpretation,Verbal Communication and Quant.
    It is beneficial as it gives the freedom to choose the topics as required.
  • 20) What happens if I miss a class?
  • You can take up the missed class again at any time given time when you can.
  • 1)
    • a) A detailed report on the total number of hours of preparation required.
    • b) Complete time of your course.
  • 2) Once you are clear on the above mentioned aspects, you need to visit any of our Alchemist centers and opt for enrollment.
  • 3) Once you are enrolled with Alchemist, you will be given a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • 4) From here on, you can create your own timetable by booking your own modules, along with Alchemist assistance.
  • 5) Take up Benchmarking services on our website.
  • 6) You can access lecture videos directly on the website.
  • 7) You can take a test series directly on the website, at any given point in time.

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