Our outstanding results over the years speak volumes about our unparalleled service. The program isstructured in such a way that it suits every student. Exhaustive input is provided to every student whojoins Alchemist. It is ensured that everyone gets a tailor-made, effective and immersive experience forthe learners. And of course there is a lot of doubt-resolving, talking and guiding that goes on outside theclassroom to provide rich support to our students.

There are four vital components of our programs:

a. Enabling Thinking Process/Pedagogy

Enabling Thinking Process/PedagogyThe bed-rock of our entire course. Inside the classroom, students will be taught by some of thekeenest minds who work with the single objective – ‘Make You the Master of That Topic’. It is done bychallenging to think the concept through. A pool of innovative questions help to develop furtherinsights understand concepts that would otherwise remain obscure. The students will be encouragedto start thinking and stop memorizing the concepts.

b. Modular Structure

Another unique feature is the MODULAR STRUCTURE. The whole syllabus of CAT is divided into threesections – i) Quantitative Ability ii) Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning iii) Verbal Ability.

These sections are further sub-divided into various independent modules adding up to a total of 13modules. Every module consists of specific classes and deals with one specific part of the course e.g.Number Theory, Reading Comprehension, DI – Graphs etc. The modular structure allows you todetermine the pace at which you want to move ahead. Also, you find your areas of comfort anddiscomfort easily.
It is truly adaptive in a way that you can choose your faculty and modules as per your convenience.

c. Mentorship

Every student enrolled at Alchemist gets a personal mentor. Mentors are pass outs of IIMs and othertop B schools who give personal guidance to the students throughout the year. It is suggested toattend monthly meetings with the mentor so that a performance track can be maintained. This not onlyhelps in making CAT preparation easier but also helps the students to stay focused.

d. Online Programme

The preparation is not limited to the classroom, restricted by the bounds of reality. It also extends intothe virtual world. Every student has a personalized account on the website. The innovative andinteractive material online helps you sharpen your mind 24*7.

The website contains practice material, chapter and module specific test and the full length onlinetests. Besides you also have links to videos and other resource material that you can explore todevelop yourself further. The website also gives you personalized test reports measuring your speed,accuracy and comfort level with various areas.

e. Support and Helpdesk

We understand that the students will face difficulty at some point of time. Thus, every student has thefacility to raise his/her concern so that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.Students have the option of raising ticket for any problem being faced. It is assured that the problem isaddressed within 48 hours of raising the ticket.


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