If you look at the kind of results that we have produced over the years, you will be amazed.

All those dreams could become a reality because we provide exhaustive inputs to every student who joins us. This in turn leads to a tailor-made, effective and immersive experience for the learners. And of course there is a lot of doubt-resolving, talking and guiding that goes on outside the classroom to provide rich support to our students.

Want to know more? Here is our (secret) recipe:

When you join us, you witness four components of our proven programme:

Contact Programme
  1. The bed-rock of our entire course. Inside the classroom, you will be taught by some of the keenest minds around with a passion for making a difference to the lives of their students. And they operate with a single objective Make you the master of that topic. They do it by challenging you to think the concept through. Once that happens, they put you through various innovative questions to ensure that you go on to develop further insights and see connections that would otherwise remain obscure.
  2. Another unique feature of the classroom programme is its Modular Structure. We have divided the entire syllabus into 18 independent, stand-alone modules. Every module consists of 4-5 classes and deal with one specific part of the course e.g. Number Theory or Reading Comprehension. The modular structure allows you to determine the pace at which you want to move ahead. Besides it allows you to find out your areas of comfort and discomfort easily and gives you a focused way to develop the areas of discomfort faster.
Online Programme
  1. You preparation with us is not limited to the classroom, restricted by the bounds of reality. It also extends into the virtual world. Every student has a personalized account on our website. The innovative and interactive material online helps you sharpen your mind 24*7.
  2. The website contains practice material, chapter and module specific test and the full length online tests. Besides you also have links to videos and other resource material that you can explore to develop yourself further. The website also gives you personalized test reports measuring your speed, accuracy and comfort level with various areas.
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