Alchemist, over the years, has been associated with a word –SUCCESS. Alchemist over the years has been obsessed with one thing- YOUR SUCCESS. We consistently create an ideal preparation environment for you and remove whatever roadblocks/obstacles you may face in the process. Want to know what drives us?

A strong belief in the principle that every individual has the potential to do exactly what he or she chooses and wishes to do. However, not every individual is the same. Thus we endeavor to create and deliver a learning model that is adaptable and is customized for your individual requirements.

Why should you choose Alchemist as your preferred learning partner, over others for CAT/MBA/IIM?

At Alchemist, we consider every student a unique individual. We know that you have yourdistinctive potential and skill-set. It requires a course/programme that caters to your specific requirements. Thus we strive to design a course for you keeping YOU in mind guiding you along a customized preparation track/journey instead of giving the same course to everyone.
Imagine that you want to travel from Delhi to Mumbai via a train. When you approach the clerk at the ticket window, chances are that you will ask the clerk at the ticket window for a ticket to Mumbai and not for a ticket that allows you to ride that train for 20 hours. We know that what matters to us is the destination. Similarly, when you enroll for a preparatory course your goal is to master all the things required to ace the test. The number of hours that you spend in the classroom is is impertinent; what matters is“ Did you master what the test requires. At Alchemist, we do not teach you by the hours, we teach till you understand.
A lot of aspirants, and some of the so-called experts too, fall into the trap of previous year question papers. This mind-set dictates that you prepare for the kind of questions that have been asked in the past. The sad reality is that the question types keep changing. If one has not mastered the underlying concepts then one may suffer during the exam. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that you master the concepts involved. This approach allows you to tackle even the challenging and previously unseen problems. We do that by enabling you to think independently using our unique pedagogy.
Alchemist provides highly trained and qualified faculty to all its students and does not restrict a learner from learning from only a particular assigned faculty member. We have IIM graduates, IIT Gold medalists; CAT 100%ilers, NTSE scholars among our faculty members.

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