About us

About Us

We are a young, lean and highly competitive company led by professionals from India’s leading Management and Technical institutes, the IIMs and the IITs. We, at Alchemist specialize in providing structurally designed and technology driven learning for CAT. We develop standards based curricula and expert pedagogy for a diverse population of learners. Core to our approach is a methodology, a structured set of work processes that facilitate communication, collaboration and best practices across the organization, to ensure high Quality learning.


At Alchemist we believe in supremacy of the mind. MBA is a sphere where one needs to be logical and perspicacious. Basically one needs to think and take sound decisions. We derive our basic pedagogy from this perspective. We aim to enhance your thinking to a higher level.
Guidance and direction take you to your goal. Teacher helps you build concepts. Mentors shape your thoughts.
At Alchemist we give you a faculty adroit and experienced enough to be both. Being IIM-IIT a graduate, the faculty here creates a learning environment that burgeons a craving for thinking in you.

Personal Touch

To learn one needs to interact. We give you a platform to debate your thoughts. Thus equipping you with a creative thought process. Instead of merely giving you answers we teach you how to think towards a suitable solution to it. Through our methodology we personally bridge you to your MBA.

Alchemist now at Pitampura


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